Lighting Pros’ philosophy is to offer the highest quality and most durable weather-resistant fixtures that will last longer, save you money, and are more aesthetically attractive.

We have several great landscape lighting fixtures that we recommend based on the design and price range. But regardless of the design or price, all of our fixtures are of the highest quality brass, which provide decades of beautiful lighting.

Brass fixtures have a lifetime warranty. Stainless-steel transformers have a lifetime warranty. LED bulbs have a 5-year warranty. Intergraded led fixtures have a 15-year warranty. Labor warranty is 1 year.

Your landscape lighting equipment endures a lot of harsh conditions here in the Central Florida area, while keeping your lighting system in proper working condition. This will keep you illuminating your landscape’s key features. Like any investment in your home or landscape, landscape lighting service and maintenance are important for continuous, worry-free operation of your landscape lighting system.


Why Is Regular Landscape Lighting Service Important?

Regular wear and tear from the elements will take their toll on your landscape lighting.

Without regular service, failed lamps can go unnoticed, and dirty fixtures and old bulbs can diminish the effectiveness of your lighting. Shrubbery and plants overgrow fixture points. Nicked wires that may be cut go unnoticed and cause shorts in the system.


Our Annual Landscape Lighting Service Agreement: $95.00

With Lighting Pros’ Yearly Service Agreement, a lighting professional will visit your property once a year to perform the following service tasks:

  • Replace all light bulbs – Covered under warranty – 5-year warranty
  • Readjust and clean fixtures
  • Trim and maintain surrounding turf and foliage to ensure proper light beam spread
  • Re-bury exposed wire as needed
  • Inspect transformers
  • Reset timers and controls, if necessary
  • There is an hourly charge for this service, plus the cost of light bulbs (that are out of warranty)

Yearly maintenance program $95.00 for the first hour. $65.00 per hr to fix any items not under warranty.


Our Warranty Covers Everything Listed Above Except:

  • Product out of warranty
  • Cut wires
  • Damaged fixtures caused by others


Our Landscape Lighting Service Guarantee:

Lighting Pros guarantees all light bulbs for 5 years after service — and will be replaced free of charge should they fail. (Without annual service, you will be charged a minimum of 1 full hour, plus the cost of bulbs, for each visit. There is no guarantee with this service.

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