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Lighting Pros offers a variety of new and custom specialty lighting products that are now available to you. Our specialty solutions include: RGB App-Based Low-Voltage Lighting; Market Lighting, Weeping Willows & Waterfalls; Custom Pathway Lighting Systems; and Custom Boat & Deck Lighting. 

Browse these specialty landscape lighting design options to see what our team can create for you.


Custom Pathway, Deck Lighting & More

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RGB App-Based Low-Voltage Lighting

Our RGB lighting offers unparalleled brightness, vivid colors and color-changing capabilities, as well as white temperature adjustments to highlight the architectural beauty of your home, gardens or landscapes.

Custom Pathway Lighting Systems

Lighting Pros now offers a custom, elegant and intimate lighting-pathway system that illuminates a custom design on the ground or pathway to your home or commercial property.

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Market Lighting, Weeping Willows & Waterfalls

Our specialty market lights, weeping willows and waterfall lighting systems create a warm and romantic ambience for everyday use, as well as give an intimate feel to any event or special occasion.

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Custom Boat & Deck Lighting

As deck and boat culture has evolved, so has the lighting technology. Lighting Pros offers lighting fixtures that add just the right amount of illumination to highlight your boat or deck design.

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Highlights of Our Specialty Lighting Designs

When it comes to specialty landscape lighting designs, Lighting Pros has you covered. Get a more in-depth look into the specialty solutions we offer and how they can brighten up your space. 

  • RGB, App-Based, Low-Voltage Lighting
    Lighting Pros’ home lighting systems feature wireless technology, which allow for easy integration with your own smart keys, wireless wall switches and home-automation devices. This provides complete flexibility without the need for expensive insulation and wiring. Each solution is uniquely designed to add style, sophistication and ease to any living space.
  • Custom Pathway Lighting Systems
    For that extra touch of elegance along your home or commercial property’s pathways, opt for our custom lighting pathway system. Whether you’re looking for unique path lights for walkways or landscape focal points along pathways, our team can create a custom design to highlight the way to your beautiful space.
  • Market Lighting, Weeping Willows & Waterfalls
    Our market lights are commercial-grade specialty string lights that are custom cut and professionally installed to provide an intimate feel to your unique space. Designed with our high-quality diode bulb system, these lighting systems are long-lasting lighting and can be used year after year.  Our market lights, weeping willows and waterfall lighting systems create a warm romantic ambience and are perfect for outdoor or indoor events, such as weddings, corporate events, or parties.
  • Custom Boat & Deck Lighting
    Using the latest equipment in lighting technology, Lighting Pros offers a variety of LED deck lights and boat dock lighting fixtures to suit any design. These lighting fixtures provide the perfect amount of illumination to your boat or deck, which can be tucked away so it’s not even visible to the naked eye of where the light is coming from. These small and subtle sets of lights around your deck or boat dock help improve safety for you and your guests and can enhance your deck experience night after night for years to come.
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“Lighting Pros has provided exceptional Christmas decorations for my home and office every year, doing a spectacular job putting up my Christmas tree and helping decorate and light my entire yard with beautiful decorations. I couldn't be more pleased with their work and immediate service for all my holiday lighting needs.”

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— Dan Newlin

“I have worked with Lighting Pros for 5+ years. We originally asked them to decorate our home in Windermere and we really enjoyed the final results – it really enhanced our holiday experience. After such a great experience at my home I asked them to review the Calypso Cay Resort and provide suggestions to me for creating the same holiday mood. They now provide the holiday decorations each year at the Sales Center and Resort common areas.”

— Steve Bradley, Calypso Cay Resort

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