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Outdoor Commercial Lighting

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A professionally designed landscape lighting system adds elegance, character, and security to a home, allowing you to bask in the splendor of your yard long after the sun goes down. Accentuating the unique details of your outdoor areas


Architectural lighting is no ordinary amenity: It blends interior design, electrical engineering, and state-of-the-art fixtures to create stunning, practical lighting solutions for your home or business. Primarily utilized in commercial spaces,


There’s no better way to enhance a home’s appearance than through the addition of specialty outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting can be utilized for a variety of purposes and offers an of benefits, from highlighting the beautiful features.

From large-scale office buildings to chic boutique hotels, commercial outdoor lighting is present almost everywhere you look. What was once considered a trendy amenity is now essential to ensuring the safety and security of your business and its customers. In fact, opting to install outdoor lighting for your business is one of the most valuable investments one can make. Commercial outdoor lighting provides ample benefits for an organization, such as enhancing curb appeal, heightening the guest experience, adding to the re-sell value of your property, and increasing all-around productivity. Additionally, landscape and architectural lighting can give your business a more professional look and feel – which is key to not only retaining current customers, but attracting new ones, as well. If you’re still debating whether or not this is an endeavor you’d like to take on, know that the addition of commercial outdoor lighting can truly make a monumental difference for one’s business, whether new or old.

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor lighting fixtures aren’t just functional – they also make your business more appealing to the eye. One of the most popular and effective types of commercial outdoor lighting on the market today is LED lighting. These fixtures provide a warm, ambient glow and offer an environmentally friendly solution to illuminating the exterior of your business. LED lights are high-efficiency, boasting a longer bulb life than most other types, and provide added visibility and security for the premises. Other types of commercial outdoor lighting include:

Street & Roadway – lights that provide added security around the property
Security & Flood Lights – high intensity lights designed to illuminate large areas
Post Top – lights mounted to poles, posts, or railings to provide lighting to areas without the intensity of a flood light
Parking Garage & Canopy – lights installed to ensure safety and reduce criminal activity
Wall Lights – vital for lighting walkways, stairways, paths, and recessed areas

A customized lighting system can boost curb appeal, bring in new customers, and enhance the overall guest experience. Commercial outdoor lighting also provides an added safety measure for a business and can drastically reduce the risks of accidents.

Choose Lighting Pros!

Outdoor lighting is a key feature of most residential properties, but it’s just as crucial for businesses to take advantage of outdoor lighting. At Lighting Pros, we combine innovative technology with practical and attractive lighting solutions to create a customized design that is well suited for your business. We are committed to providing our customers with affordable, state-of-the-art lighting solutions, and strive to go above and beyond in our transformations. The secret to every beautiful exterior is a well-designed lighting system, and we pride ourselves on our ability to convert even the most mundane of spaces into stunning properties.


We are Central Florida’s premier outdoor lighting company. With over 20 years of combined experience, we will help you create a custom design that meets your homes needs that are both attractive and practical.

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