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Holiday Landscape Lighting

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and your home should be the most wonderful on the block! We specialize in lighting for your holiday needs, whether it be Halloween, Christmas, or otherwise. Contact us and find out how we can help make your dreams for a beautiful holiday experience a reality.

Residential Landscape Lighting

Your home is your castle. It is one thing to have a beautiful home during the day but another thing completely to have your home’s beauty shine during the night as well. From illuminating your driveway and walkway to lighting up your garden, we will be able to help your home look beautiful at all hours of the night. This will greatly add to your property value over time.

Commercial Landscape Lighting

When you are running a business, it is important that you have a wonderful curb appeal that will attract customers and clients to your place of business. We have years of experience helping many businesses achieve the lighting results they have been searching for.

Electrical projects have become more and more sophisticated over the years, technology has changed, but they’re still driven by our expert updated knowledge, hands-on skill and proactive planning. Lighting Pros brings decades of experience to each and every job, powering each one to the best possible outcome for success.

Let us power your home and business projects with innovative electrical designs. We provide exceptional electrical services though out the Central Florida area including Orlando, Winter Park, Winter Garden, Kissimmee, Lake Nona, Clermont, Longwood. New construction, commercial build-outs,  remodel work, panel upgrades, lighting retrofitting, outdoor lighting needs… We do it all !

Custom projects tailored to your needs with a reliable, dependable, skilled team. We listen to your needs to customize a plan for your project.

We still offer Landscape Lighting Services as well! Continue reading below if you’re interested in Landscape Lighting!


  • Design Phase
  • Design Review
  • Installation
  • Dream Realized

From the moment you call us, we’re working with you to figure out the best way to bring your dream to life. You have a vision for what you want your house or business to look like, and we will sit with you to find the lighting elements that best represent what your vision is. We not only create the layouts with you, but we help you choose what lights, colors, and styles you will want. All of our design work happens before we even start installations, because we want to make certain your designs are perfect.

After we’ve completed putting together different designs for your property, we sit with you to discuss your options. We review the few designs that we create with you, and go over the advantages and disadvantages therein. Once we’ve made sure that the correct style has been chosen, we then move onto the installation part of the process, which changes depending on the options chosen in the design review stage.

So a design has been created and chosen, we schedule a time with you to come out and begin installation. This stage of the process can drastically differ in time depending on the amount and type of lighting that we’re installing. We also want to ensure, if we’re doing commercial lighting, that there are necessary considerations taken. This also applies to residential lighting, but there is often less call for time restrictions. Once we’ve begun the ground work, we work quickly and efficiently to bring to life your landscape as soon as possible.

From start to finish, we have one goal in mind, and that’s to bring your dream to life. Once a design is chosen, work has been finished, our customers have found that not only are their visions true to life, but that it exceeds their original dream. Realizing a dream is a fantastic feeling, and we get immense pleasure out of helping you make that dream come true.

When it comes to standing out in your neighborhood, one of the first things that people pay attention to is your yard. During the day, having a well-groomed lawn with all of your plants taken care of can make you the envy of your neighbors. However, it’s during the night when your home can truly shine, and that’s with quality landscape lighting. As the sun goes down, you want to be able to show off that beautiful yard, so by installing spotlights, moon globes, zone lighting, task lighting, or one of the many other options we can help you with, you can truly be happy all day long.

If you’re looking to start a new design, or you’ve already had halogen materials installed, we can help you by building something new for you, or retrofitting your old halogens with a much higher quality LED lighting. Not only can our LED technology make your home look amazing, but it can save you money by being more energy efficient, and it can last longer than traditional halogens. All of our lighting installations are weather resistant, which is especially important in Central Florida as we have rains and winds that can cause immense problems if the pieces aren’t weather resistant.

We provide landscape lighting for residential and commercial buildings, and can help you to bring your dream to life. Contact us to see how we can help you.

As dedicated LED lighting specialist, Lighting Pro’s only designs, sells and installs LED lighting technology and have been for the past 5 years. Enjoy the benefits of LED environmental friendly technologies.

*Higher Effieciency – Up to 75% in electricity cost savings
*Longer Bulb Life – Up to 50,000 hours
*Warm Pleasing Colors – Color Variations offered from Warm white to Pure White
*Emissions – reduction in carbon footprint

Lighting can make a huge difference in the overall feel and value of your home. Here at Lighting Pros, we understand the value of quality lighting for your residential or commercial property. Our years of experience have given us the foresight to know just what lighting fixtures need to be added to your business or home. We take pride in providing the very best experience from design to completion for our customers. If you have a certain lighting look you are going for on your home or business, we would be more than happy to help you achieve that look.

Our process

Our process of lighting is what sets us apart from other lighting companies. We have created our process to help our customers get the right lighting the first time. This helps to save both time and money. Our design phase is where everything gets started. Finding the vision for what your business or home should look like starts the very first time you give us a call. Once we have decided what types of styles and lighting fixtures to use, it is time to move on to the design review. This is where we will be able to sit down with you and choose the very best option for your lighting. Once we have decided on the right lighting options, it is time to install all of the different lighting fixtures on your home or business. Each project is going to take a different amount of time to complete due to the unique nature of each job. Finally, once the installation is complete, you will see your dream realized and illuminated for all to see.