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Our Process

At Lighting Pros, we make it a point to do the best job the first time. It all starts with the design, and we ensure that we’re there for you with you to help you put together this vision. Once we have the proper styles and elements, we go through a review with you and address any other concerns or changes. Our installation is simple and painless for you, and we will work to bring your dream to life, hence why the final step in our entire process is called the Dream Realization, because once it’s all said and done you will be able to truly see the fruits of your labor.

  • Design Phase
  • Design Review
  • Installation
  • Dream Realized

From the moment you call us, we’re working with you to figure out the best way to bring your dream to life. You have a vision for what you want your house or business to look like, and we will sit with you to find the lighting elements that best represent what your vision is. We not only create the layouts with you, but we help you choose what lights, colors, and styles you will want. All of our design work happens before we even start installations, because we want to make certain your designs are perfect.

After we’ve completed putting together different designs for your property, we sit with you to discuss your options. We review the few designs that we create with you, and go over the advantages and disadvantages therein. Once we’ve made sure that the correct style has been chosen, we then move onto the installation part of the process, which changes depending on the options chosen in the design review stage.

So a design has been created and chosen, we schedule a time with you to come out and begin installation. This stage of the process can drastically differ in time depending on the amount and type of lighting that we’re installing. We also want to ensure, if we’re doing commercial lighting, that there are necessary considerations taken. This also applies to residential lighting, but there is often less call for time restrictions. Once we’ve begun the ground work, we work quickly and efficiently to bring to life your landscape as soon as possible.

From start to finish, we have one goal in mind, and that’s to bring your dream to life. Once a design is chosen, work has been finished, our customers have found that not only are their visions true to life, but that it exceeds their original dream. Realizing a dream is a fantastic feeling, and we get immense pleasure out of helping you make that dream come true.