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Underwater Lighting

Landscape lighting has evolved into an architectural art form. Here at Lighting Pros, we are the number one licensed Orlando landscape lighting company in Central Florida for residential, commercial and specialty outdoor lighting projects. We not only creatively and tastefully illuminate your outdoor world on land, we can also light up the water on your property too. If you have a pond, boat dock, fishing pier or other waterway access from your property, underwater lake lights can set your property apart.

Underwater Lighting Safety

The first aspect of lighting safety around water is protection from electrocution hazards. The underwater lighting components we use in our custom designs are connected to equipment leakage circuit interrupters (ELCIs) or ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets that are designed to cut the power if there is a voltage leak. This is critical in protecting people, animals and aquatic life. The second aspect of underwater lighting safety is the illumination the lights provide. They are very helpful when returning to your dock in a boat at night, and they also provide light to walk around the dock areas at night.

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Building a Wild Aquarium

You add the lights, and the aquatic life will be attracted to them at night. Green underwater lights may give the most natural look when lighting up an area around a dock, swim platform or fishing pier at night. The lights make the water glow, and you can see the activity going on beneath the surface at night in waters you may not even be able to see much through during the day. Underwater lighting offers you a unique look into the world below the surface of the water where you live at night.

Pick Your Underwater Lighting Color

Green lights are typically used in areas where the water is turbid or murky. If you have clear water in your lake, pond or at your dock, then blue lights can provide a unique colorful illumination. Red lights are more for holiday lighting and business use. Clear lights are also available, but keep in mind that it is the color glow that is part of the visual effect of underwater lighting. Clear lights can work in some applications, but in others may just look like someone dropped a very bright light in the water.

How Underwater Lighting Works

We use metal halide bulbs that produce a high-intensity discharge of light through arcing. These bulbs are sealed in containers designed for underwater use. The lights produce heat, and this can actually deter unwanted growth of organisms in your pond, lake or around your dock area. The sealed units are dropped from the surface into a design pattern. The lighting units automatically land on the bottom with the lenses pointing up toward the water’s surface. Underwater cables of the lights can vary from 30 to 300 feet and length, and since they connect to ELCI or GFCI outlets at the surface, they are easy to retrieve if a bulb ever needs replaced. The length of time lights stay on at night is adjustable with the included timer and photocell unit. You can have them operate for a few hours or have them turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

Creating an Underwater Illumination Design

Each light illuminates an area approximately 30 feet in diameter. You can put them in a straight line under your boat to illuminate it while docked at night, or you can set them in a pattern that accentuates the area around your dock. You can also place them in a pattern to create a wild aquarium area for nighttime viewing of aquatic life. If you like, colors can be mixed to give your waterline at your property’s edge a dynamic look. This type of underwater lighting can be useful for restaurants, hotels and other commercial clients who have property access to boaters.

Underwater lighting extends the creative illumination of your property beyond the water’s edge. You can also illuminate pond fountains, waterfalls and other water features unique to your property. The options are endless, so contacting one of our professional outdoor lighting designers to discover the options available for your underwater lighting needs is the next step.


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