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Architectural Lighting Orlando

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Architectural lighting is no ordinary amenity: It blends interior design, electrical engineering, and state-of-the-art fixtures to create stunning, practical lighting solutions for your home or business. Primarily utilized in commercial spaces, this innovative and modish style of lighting is frequently found throughout hotels, restaurants, boutiques, schools, government buildings, and offices. Nevertheless, architectural lighting has become increasingly prevalent amongst residential properties in recent years. There are ample benefits to choosing this highly efficient, yet extraordinarily stylish light system for your space. Boasting full functionality and an elegant look to boot, architectural lights enhance the most stunning and unique features of your home or business while creating the atmosphere you desire. Architectural lighting can truly transform a space from ordinary to spectacular, giving it that one-of-a-kind, sophisticated look it deserves. They can increase business for your retail space, make current customers feel more comfortable, and evolve your home into an inspirational sanctuary. From serving a fundamental purpose to helping a room achieve a warm, cozy ambiance, architectural lighting adds undeniable charm to a home or business.

Architectural Lighting Fixtures

We offer a vast collection of architectural lighting to cater to your individual home or business’s needs. Our pieces are comprised of the highest quality materials and designed under high standards of workmanship. By utilizing the proper combination of light fixtures, we can help you enhance your space in a revolutionary way. The most popular types of architectural lights we work with include:

• Chandeliers
• Pendants
• Ceiling Mount
• Wall Mount
• Monorail Lighting
• Track Lighting
• LED Lighting

Our advanced, energy-efficient architectural lighting fixtures offer functional, vibrant, and reliable lighting solutions for all different types of projects. Architecture lights create beautiful, radiant forms of illumination for one to admire for years to come. In comparison to other types of lighting, architectural lighting has been proven to last for longer durations. Furthermore, Lighting Pros bids affordable solutions that will create an extraordinary atmosphere while still falling within your budget. Lighting can impact the overall look, feel, and effect of your property – all the more reason to upgrade your lighting system today.

Choose Lighting Pros!

If you’re in the market for tasteful, well-designed architectural lighting, look no further than Lighting Pros. From design to completion, we’ve got you covered! Our contemporary selection of lighting fixtures paired with our passion for innovative design and impeccable service make us a supreme choice for all of your architectural and commercial lighting needs. We offer clean, distinctive designs for any space or project, crafted and installed by a team of skilled experts. Let us illuminate your home or business by utilizing gorgeous, environmentally friendly technologies that will bring your space to life. Give us a call today at 321-662-7733 to see what lighting solutions we have for you!


We are Central Florida’s premier outdoor lighting company. With over 20 years of combined experience, we will help you create a custom design that meets your homes needs that are both attractive and practical.

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