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Landscape Lighting Placement

For a well-lit landscape that’s dramatic but not daunting, we offer a variety of Orlando landscape lighting solutions. Take your landscape to the next level with strategic lighting placement. Lighting can work wonders for your landscape, but it’s the placement of the lighting fixtures that makes all the difference in creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and visual experience. If done correctly, lighting will emphasize both the functionality and aesthetics of your landscape, transforming your outdoor space into an evening escape.

Whether the style of your landscape area is traditional, modern, rustic, or formal, our lighting placement recommendations will give purpose to the space, enhancing objects like trees, architecture, walkways, flower beds, water features, gazebos, and more. Moreover, you’ll benefit from the improved security of brightening particular areas of your property—and greater peace of mind. Our team of experts can introduce visual contrast, color, texture, and security to your nighttime landscape with an array of design effects and techniques.

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By installing illumination in one specific direction, we highlight prominent landscape objects such as trees, architecture, or flagpoles. This technique is also commonly used to accentuate elements from all angles and any viewpoint. We place lighting fixtures at ground level to boldly uplight the area of emphasis.


Subtly show off a variety of areas in your landscape with our lighting fixed slightly above focal features like flower beds, patios, entrances, etc. Fixture placement will create a soft circle of light (as opposed to a harsh spotlight), creating visual focal points and contrast throughout the outdoor space.


Our pathlighting effects are frequently a must-have to ensure walkways are visible. Not only does this eliminate hazards for traversing areas in the dark but it also creates a natural path in a desired direction. Correct placement is important to avoid glare or a runway appearance at night or obstacles in the yard during the daylight.


For a truly unique atmosphere, we position lighting in trees to mimic natural moonlight. Fixtures are placed at an appropriate height above the ground with fixtures diffusing light through the tree branches, creating shadows below. The quantity and placement of fixtures is determined by overall landscape lighting design plan to maintain a filtered appearance.


To create a silhouette effect, our company will spread light between a landscape object and a neighboring structural element so the object appears in black against a lighter, almost white background. The bulb type and fixture quantity required will be determined based on how much of the background needs to be lit.


To provide lighting on stairways, our team will recess fixtures in outdoor stair risers. Placement of this type of lighting provides safety as well as structural prominence, as the light moves the eye gradually upward. This lighting is also often used for decking; the fixture placement on decks works well between posts or rails as a soft surface light outlining the structure. This kind of lighting creates the appearance of a separate but inviting area within an outdoor space.

These are just a few of the lighting techniques our company specializes in implementing. With the right placement, your landscape design investment can double as an outdoor opulence when the sun goes down. Designing the placement of lighting fixtures in your landscape need not be overwhelming with the help of our professional team. Our experts are experienced and driven to plan and place landscape lighting that will create your dream space. Whether your goal is to create ambience, structural emphasis, security, or a combination, our company welcomes the opportunity to evaluate your needs and provide a placement plan. Contact us today to get started.


We are Central Florida’s premier outdoor lighting company. With over 20 years of combined experience, we will help you create a custom design that meets your homes needs that are both attractive and practical.

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